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eBay’s Israel Innovation Center is a self contained innovation unit within eBay Inc. From conception to delivery, our products are created, designed and developed in house by us, not ninjas. Once a small fierce startup, The Israel Innovation Center is the result of The Gifts Project acquisition in September 2011. Home to 13 Gifters and 1 inspiration dog, our office is located in the heart of Tel Aviv on Rothschild Boulevard. Our mission (which we have chosen to accept) is to innovate and ship products within the exciting space of e-commerce. We take our fun just as seriously as we take our work. You can find the Gifters hacking away each week at mini-hackathons, fighting for championship titles at Xbox tournaments and more. Wondering what ‘more’ is? Well, you’ll just have to stop by to see for yourself. If you like dogs and want to work in the most beautiful building on the best street in Tel Aviv with some of the city’s coolest programmers, check out our jobs page.

The Team:

Ron Gura

Ron Gura

Matan Bar

Matan Bar @matanbar

Erez Dickman

Erez Dickman @erezdickman

Asaf Gartner

Asaf Gartner @asafgartner

Yonatan Bergman

Yonatan Bergman @yonbergman


Keshet Rosenstein @keshet640

Itay Adler

Itay Adler

Ido Feins

Ido Feins

Shay Davidson

Shay Davidson @ShayHDavidson

Benny Weingarten-Gabbay

Benny Weingarten @gardenofwine

Maxim Faynshtein

Maxim Faynshtein @fmaxim

Adi Keren

Adi Keren @adikeren

Gilad Goldberg

Gilad Goldberg @giladgo

Dan Sincai

Dan Sincai @dansincai

Avihu Turzion @avihut

Assaf Gelber @assafgelber